Salesforce’s standard Service Cloud implementation does not leave a lot of room for a custom UI/UX and personalized actions to help you connect with your customers better. Carecloud required a truly custom solution which would use the data structure provided by Service Cloud, but add their own trademark into the mix. Revivo utilized the SFDC back-end along with JQuery/Bootstrap integrated Visualforce pages to provide the solution that Carecloud was looking for. We worked hand-in-hand with Carecloud’s marketing & design team to provide the best service cloud portal we could deliver. What resulted was a powerful, streamlined solution that had immediate effects on user adoptions & satisfaction.


Service Cloud Reimagination and implementation



What We Did

Project Planning, Design & Development

Revivo gives you the tools to personalize the way your customers interact with you. 


By using Visualforce, HTML, CSS, & Javascript acting in tandem with the SFDC Service Cloud object structure, Revivo was able to implement a fully personalized customer portal for Carecloud. This allowed Carecloud’s marketing team to add their own signature to the portal. Additionally, there was room for integration with analytics & survey applications to help show off new features & get customer feedback.

Beautiful Interface That Adapts to Standard Service Cloud Objects

Fully Compatible with Lightning

Integrates with External Applications

Dynamic Styling Pulled From CSS Resources